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 Thanks to all of those who helped make our mission trip to the Ukraine a success.  Indigenous Divorce Care classes will begin in Kherson this September.


The book, Dill Pickle Love is in the process of being translated into Russian and will be in print by May of next year.


Dill Pickle Love Ministries in Goodland, Kansas started its second class there on September 9th.


Founded by


Paul McCormick &

Cynthia Bixler McCormick


The Mission:


●  To guide people to rise above their past or present love relationship failures, through the understanding of what went wrong and why. 


●  Then teach, lead, and inspire them to create relationships of fulfillment and excellence, individually, with their relationship partners, family, friends, and God through the incredible healing power of Agape Love.




"If You Say Go"

Dill Pickle Love Ministries video


Ministry Launch Web Page


KNUS AM 710 Radio Interview

with Paul & Cynthia

Broadcast 3/31/2012

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Dill Pickle Love

What Love Really Is & Is Not

by Paul McCormick


Cynthia Bixler McCormick

(Paperback 354 pages, $27.95)



~ T.  Trzcinski

“Having experienced the pain and heartbreak of divorce firsthand, I found the information contained in the book to be life changing.  Never again will I settle for or give anything less than Agape love in my relationships.  Thank you Paul and Cynthia for taking the time and making the effort to explain what should seemingly be so obvious:  Love.  I now have hope for my future regarding relationships and possible marriage.”

~ L. O'Neil

"...the book is awesome.  You obviously have an anointing for writing and God has shared His secrets of relationship with your in such a practical was to share them (with others)."


Separate Workbook & Study Guide PDF Sample

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