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“Having experienced the pain and heartbreak of divorce firsthand, I found the information contained in the book to be life changing.  Never again will I settle for or give anything less than Agape love in my relationships.  Thank you Paul and Cynthia for taking the time and making the effort to explain what should seemingly be so obvious:  Love.  I now have hope for my future regarding relationships and possible marriage.”  ~ T.  Trzcinski


"...the book is awesome.  You obviously have an anointing for writing and God has shared His secrets of relationship with your in such a practical was to share them (with others)."  

~ L. O'Neil


"It matters the heart of the authors and that what I am reading is authentic.  After having spent many, many hours with Paul & Cynthia, I can tell you that each of their hearts is a heart after God's own heart.  Their desire to help people avoid the pain and terror of divorce is so real, and what the have written is who they really are"   ~ C. Carnes


"Thank you, Cynthia & Paul, so much for coming into my life and providing a light onto the right path out of my darkness.  You both provide such an amazing gift to those struggling with how to put life back together (after divorce)."  ~ S. Leone


Dill Pickle Love Workbook & Study Guide




The same study guide questions, discussion topics, and answer key contained in the book but with enhanced features and bonus materials not contained in the book.

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Only $9.95  (Paperback, 96 pages)


This is a practical book about relationships and is for those who are not married as well as for those who are.


Dill Pickle Love by Paul McCormick & Cynthia Bixler-McCormick


The purpose of this book is simple:  to lead you to a working understanding of love as it is meant to be.  In so doing, it can provide the necessary knowledge and tools to allow love to flourish between you and your mate, endure the ravages of time, and last for a lifetime.  This book is about one thing:  What love really is and is not.

See a PDF sample of the book by clicking on the image above.


Dill Pickle Love $27.95 (Paperback 356 pages)


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If you marry the love of your life today, there is statistically a 54.9% chance your marriage will end in divorce within 7 years.  That is if it is your first marriage.  If it is your second, that number jumps to 67%.  If it is your third, that number rises to a staggering 73% (with some sources citing 94%!


If you are married, the odds are better than 50% that either you or your spouse will have an extra-marital affair.  Don't think for a minute that if you have celebrated your 20th anniversary the odds are any better.  Long term marriages are the fastest growing segment of relationships which end in divorce.


The toll which a broken relationship extracts on the individuals involved is excruciatingly brutal. No one wins, and it does not matter if the relationship is a marriage, engagement, or live-in cohabitation.  There will be severe, emotional agony for the respective parties involved.  It will likely take years to recover. Some people never recover.


Most people have little or no concept of what love is, how it is achieved, and maintained, or what makes a relationship successful for a lifetime.


The relationship of love with a mate and family is the very basis of any society, past or present, anywhere in the world. 


This book will lead the reader to a working understanding of love as it is meant to be, and in so doing, provide the necessary knowledge, inspiration, and tools to foster the creation of a relationship of love which flourishes between two partners.  It identifies what works, what does not work, and why.  It answers with practical clarity the age-old question of,

"What is love?"


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