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Power Point Presentations from Seminars and classes (without narration, video, or music)


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These online Power Point presentations are the same as those used in classes, but without embedded audio or video.  You do not need Power Point installed on your computer to view these presentations.

Click on the play button (►) on the presentation you wish to view, and then proceed through the presentation by clicking on the ► button to advance to the next material on the slide or to the next slide itself.

Once you start viewing a presentation, click on the box to the right of the "menu" button if you prefer to watch it full screen.  While in full screen mode, left-click your mouse to advance the slides.  Press "esc" on your keyboard to return to normal page view.  In any viewing mode, you may advance using the down (or right) arrow keys on your  keyboard, and back up using the up (or left) arrow keys.

More of these presentations will be uploaded to include the entire book.


Dill Pickle Love: Introduction


Dill Pickle Love: Chapter 1, "The Semantics of Love"

Dill Pickle Love: Chapter 2, "Dill Pickle Love"

Dill Pickle Love: Chapter 3, "The Godly Woman"

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More Power Point presentations will be posted

to include the entire book.

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