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The Mission:


To guide people to rise above their past or present love relationship failures, through the understanding of what went wrong and why. 


●  Then teach, lead, and inspire them to create relationships of fulfillment and excellence, individually, with their relationship partners, family, friends, and God through the incredible healing power of Agape Love.


Founded by

Paul McCormick &

Cynthia BIxler McCormick





"If You Say Go"

Dill Pickle Love Ministries video

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Dill Pickle Love Ministries provides the following:

  • Divorce Care

54.9% of first time marriages and 67% of second marriages end in divorce in the Unites States.  We offer individual and couples counseling and group classes to lead people to healing from the pain of divorce through the power of God.  This is accomplished both in person and online.

  • Individual and group workshops

These fun and inspirational classes teach what love really is & is not:  Love as the world sees it as contrasted with Love as God designed it to be.  Using the book, Dill Pickle Love as a text, we lead to inspire participants to establish and maintain love relationships God's way, with the amazing gift of Agape Love as presented in the Bible.  This ministry is done online as well via web conferencing.

  • Ministry Planting and Facilitator Training

We are very active in training facilitators to teach Dill Pickle Love workshops.  We are also active in planting the ministry throughout the world offering full support and provision to those called upon to participate.

Click here to visit Ukraine Ministry 2012 web page.



Please contact us if you or your organization would like to participate in or host a Divorce Care and/or Dill Pickle Love workshop.

If you wish to explore the possibility of establishing a Dill Pickle Love ministry in your area we would like to help you do so.

 Our vision for the ministry is to provide our services without cost, and if we are able to do so, we will.  Otherwise, there may be a modest cost.

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