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If you marry the “love of your life” today, there is statistically a 54.9% chance your marriage will end in divorce.  That is if it is your first marriage.  If it is your second marriage, that number jumps to 67%.  If it is your 3rd marriage, that number rises to a staggering 73%, (with some sources citing 94%).  It is a grim commentary of the state of any society when divorce is more common than marriage.

Clearly, our society is in a state of severe crises as far as the viability of relationships is concerned.  The majority of children grow up in a single or stepparent family.  It is more likely than not that either you or your spouse will have an extramarital affair.  Don’t think for a minute that if you have celebrated the 20th anniversary of your marriage the odds are any better.  Long-term marriages are the fastest growing segment of relationships which end in divorce court.


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The toll which a broken relationship extracts on the individuals involved is excruciatingly brutal.  No one wins, and it does not matter if the relationship is a marriage, engagement, or live-in cohabitation.  There will be severe, emotional agony for the respective parties involved.  It will likely take years to recover.  Some people never recover.

This does not even allow for the pain which children, in-laws, immediate family, and friends will experience.  There is often financial devastation that goes with it, demonstrated by the high number of bankruptcies spawned by divorce.  Depression and loneliness, more often than not, extract a heavy toll on both individuals, and likely the entire family.  There will be loss on a catastrophic scale which has to be experienced to be truly understood. 

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