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Ukraine Mission Trip

July 2012


Hello from Paul McCormick & Cynthia Bixler McCormick, founders of Dill Pickle Love Ministries.

As a couple, we are focused upon leading people through the horrors of divorce and/or relationship failure through Relationship Recovery seminars and mentoring. After leading individuals through that process, we then teach our book, Dill Pickle Love: What Love Really Is & Is Not, as a guide to building relationships in their future according to God's Design. Our focus is upon the incredible power of Agape Love as presented in the Bible, particularly 1st Corinthians 13 and Ephesians 5.

We have been doing this for several years now and have witnessed first-hand the Holy Spirit of God literally transform the lives of many whom the Lord has brought into our care. The incredible healing of broken people we have been privileged to minister unto is nothing short of miraculous.

Integral to our Mission, is establishment of hubs of Divorce Recovery and Love Relationship ministry throughout the world and provide full provision, training and support to local facilitators. Which brings us to the Ukraine.

The divorce rate in the Ukraine is the 4th highest in the world, with an astounding 63% of all marriages there ending in divorce (an even higher rate than in the United States). The need is huge.

Therefore, we have made it a priority to establish a hub of ministry in the Ukraine. We have partnered with Mountainview Christian Community Church, Dill Pickle Love Ministries and the Tavriski Christian Institute (TCI), to sponsor a regional conference at the TCI facility at which Paul & Cynthia will lead both Divorce/Relationship Care and Dill Pickle Love workshops and classes, as well as train facilitators to carry on this much needed ministry there after we leave. There is little, if anything currently being offered in this part of the world in the area of Divorce Care and Relationship Enrichment.

On August 4th, 2012, Dill Pickle Love ministries was established in Kherson, Ukraine.  Indigenous facilitators are being trained in September with ministry classes being held after that.  Presentation materials are already translated into Russian.  Translation of the book, Dill Pickle Love into Russian is underway with a goal of it being printed in Russian by May of 2013.


Thank you for your time and prayerful consideration,

Paul McCormick & Cynthia Bixler McCormick


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